Bank of Jiangsu launches blockchain brand "Su Yin Chain 2.0"

According to the information from the Central Broadcasting Network, recently, Jiangsu Bank independently created an upgraded version of "Su Yin Chain 2.0" on the basis of the blockchain brand "Su Yin Chain 1.0". It is understood that since 2016, Jiangsu Bank has begun to study the technical application of blockchain, and it is one of the banks that started to study blockchain in China. Since the launch of the platform, it has successfully landed in various business scenarios such as "discount billing", "Internet of Things movable property pledge", "OA paperless approval" and so on. "Su YinChain 2.0" is an all-round upgrade of the "Su YinChain" platform. While providing visual operation and maintenance management, smart driving of business processes is achieved through smart contracts.