Amber founder commented “FTX CEO floats $ 13 million”: judging investment net profit and loss from a single account float loss is not scientific

In response to the "FTX CEO's book floating loss of more than 13 million US dollars", Michael Wu, founder and CEO of Amber Group, said that it is not scientific to judge the net profit and loss of investment based on the data of the Bitfinex Leaderboard. "As a professional trading service platform, there is naturally a large two-way hedging position. Although FTX is an exchange, FTX CEO Sam is also the owner of his own market maker Alameda, so this position may represent FTX and Alameda together. Hedge positions. Of course, we do n’t know whether the funds are separated and their respective proportions. ”Previous data from the Bitfinex Leaderboard shows that since February 24, the account certified as FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried has been on Bitfinex ’s account. The floating loss on the book amounted to $ 13,126,252.43. Michael Wu explained that after the rumor spread, Sam has deleted his account from the Bitfinex leaderboard. Now Amber Group's account ranks first on the Bitfinex leaderboard, but Amber Group's accounts on Bitmex and other exchanges Substantial profits and actual net profit.