I could have: The role of the blockchain in the epidemic is called "regret"

"Zero New" and "Zero Death", the good news of the epidemic continues to come, and the spring we are looking forward to is coming soon.

In the whole process of "fighting for life", the blockchain industry has never stopped, but the society does not seem to see the busy figure of the blockchain.

Everyone calls Call and talks about the application "on paper"

Recently, there are endless reports on the application of epidemic prevention blockchain. Finacerun reporters have sorted and analyzed this. All the application of blockchain technology can basically be divided into three levels:

First, the characteristics of distributed storage data of blockchain technology ensure data authenticity;

Second, the traceability of blockchain technology data for source monitoring;

Third, blockchain technology uses smart contract programming and operations to establish automated and systematic systems.

details as follows:

1.Early warning system

Blockchain technology is the use of smart contracts composed of automated script code to program and manipulate data, establish a linkage early warning network based on blockchain technology, implement automatic monitoring, and use regional governance instead of human governance.

2.Trust charity

Blockchain has the characteristics of decentralization, openness, transparency, data traceability, and non-tampering. The "trust machine" attribute of the blockchain can effectively and truthfully track the data information of charity materials from donation, transportation to distribution, Fundamentally solve the problem of trust in charity.

3.Data supervision

The use of blockchain technology to establish an emergency data disclosure system, based on open, transparent, timely and truthful principles, establish a data publication mechanism that is accurate and informative.

4.Shared Medical

The characteristics of blockchain technology that cannot be tampered with and store data in a distributed manner can ensure that medical data is protected from technical attacks and data loss under the premise of real storage. The complete information helps to accurately match patients with medical resources and reduce medical resources. waste.

5. Public opinion management

Establish a public opinion system based on blockchain technology to form a super public opinion supervision system that monitors sources, tracks transmission paths, and automatically blocks rumors.

6. Identity management

Blockchain technology is the use of cryptography to ensure the security of data transmission and access. The blockchain technology is used to dynamically monitor personal trips, and to store certificates on the chain to prevent personal information from being leaked and protect the privacy and security of personal identity information.

7.Digital government

Blockchain technology has an immutable data structure, which meets the needs of digital government for data liquidity and security. Based on credibility, it realizes data sharing and data communication, and simplifies government office processes and procedures. In special times, it will strengthen And optimize government management.

We have organized seven areas directly related to the fight against the epidemic. In addition, there are blockchain distributed collaboration systems to promote home office efficiency, blockchains to help SMEs reduce their burdens, and blockchains to optimize online education systems.

Blockchain, emergency response

According to public information, recently, the government, state-owned enterprises, Internet companies and blockchain companies are actively promoting the development of epidemic prevention blockchain applications.

Here, the reporter of Finacerun actually used the 2.0 version of the blockchain epidemic monitoring platform launched by Lianfei Technology. The platform has "epidemic data", "rumor removal", "disease knowledge", "mask mask strategy", " The seven sections of "Take a ride", "Outbreak community" and "Fever self-examination" are basically similar to the page layout and user experience of the outbreak monitoring function of Alipay, Baidu, and WeChat during the entire use process. The only thing that is not used is Users can find the source of data and information on the platform, which increases the authority and credibility of information.

(Screenshot of Blockchain Epidemic Monitoring Platform Version 2.0)

The only difference is the biggest highlight of blockchain technology.

A reporter from Finacerun also logged on to the 33 Charity Blockchain Registration Platform. This platform can store donation data on-chain under the premise of user real-name authentication, and information such as donation details, on-chain time, and deposit address will be stored. Be public.

At present, there are 6,664 registered and certified volunteers on the platform, with a cumulative certificate accumulation of 338,967 and a cumulative donation of more than 4.5 billion yuan.

(Screenshot of 33 Charity Blockchain Registration Platform)

During the epidemic, the application of blockchain technology in the fields of traceability, finance, charity, medical treatment and other fields was continuously launched. According to the data of the interchain pulse, there were 20 assisted epidemic prevention and control during the period from February 1 to February 14. The working blockchain application goes online. It can be seen that during the development of the epidemic, the number of timely blockchain applications has increased sharply, and the application landing speed has also increased to a certain extent.

However, there are many problems with applications that are put into emergency use. For example, the emergency online system is unstable. Centralized login of users will cause the system to crash, but the application cannot be officially put into use, and the user acceptance is low. What's more, the current blockchain applications cannot achieve large-scale applications, and even less really play a role in fighting the epidemic.

At present, the industry basically has two kinds of arguments about the "anti-epidemic" of the blockchain: first, the blockchain is late, but it will not be absent;

No matter what kind of remarks, the basic attitude is basically the same, and they all regret it because the blockchain technology is "could".

Reasons for being late or absent

Zhu Youping, deputy director of the China Economic Network Management Center of the National Information Center and blockchain economist, said: Blockchain is "a great place to be" and can be used in epidemic monitoring, community governance, donor tracking, medical material traceability, and corporate burden reduction Important role, but there is currently no large-scale application is the reason for this absence.

According to Meng Yan, deputy director of the Digital Asset Research Institute and a token economic expert, at the time of the epidemic, the entire blockchain industry was untied for only 80 days, and the blockchain was at a different stage of development than several other technologies. However, to a certain extent, the blockchain is indeed late, wasting two years.

Anyone who has a deep understanding of the blockchain industry knows that the industry has been talking about applications for 2-3 years, but it seems that the blockchain technology is still not ready to fight.

From a technical perspective, the blockchain technology itself has imperfections, such as high energy consumption and inefficiency, especially in the POS consensus mechanism network, which confirms transactions through miners' mining to increase energy consumption. For another example, if cross-chain technology is not implemented, the blockchain will become islands.

From the perspective of commercial application, as a technology to solve pain points, blockchain provides solutions for all walks of life, and has not brought new value growth to life and production. Generally speaking, the blockchain implements the incremental social reform through transformation or another system, and the cost of transformation and other construction will be inestimable. In other words, there is no large-scale application of the blockchain, and no industry ecology has been formed.

From the perspective of public cognition, so far, the blockchain has low social awareness and low public awareness, and it is very difficult to achieve public effects in a short time.

Opportunity, development

On October 24, 2019, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed during the eighteenth collective study of the Political Bureau of the CPC that blockchain should be used as an important breakthrough in independent innovation of core technologies, and the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation should be accelerated. The whole industry was cheering. However, during the epidemic, the accelerated layout of the blockchain industry allowed us to see the industry's reflection. In high-profile singing, we truly feel the innocence and youth of the entire industry.

What infrastructure and hardware conditions are needed for large-scale landing of the blockchain? How to promote the data on-chain process? How does the block chain develop and plan? The tide of exploration and trial and error may come soon. The application of blockchain technology in education, public welfare, food safety, traceability, medical health, supply chain finance and other fields will be launched on a large scale.

As Zhu Youping said: I believe that the logic of blockchain technology to transform the world is correct. The trust mechanism, incentive mechanism and organization mechanism advocated by blockchain are moving in the direction of improving the efficiency of social and economic systems. Therefore, no matter whether the blockchain technology is mature or not, whether it encounters many difficulties, in the long run, the logic of the blockchain is correct.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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