COCOS mainnet mapping officially launched

Since December 12, 2019, the Cocos-BCX mainnet has been running smoothly for more than 2 months. To support the development of the project, the COCOS mainnet token mapping will be officially launched on February 27. Cocos-BCX has released mapping related tutorials on multiple official channels. Users of ERC20 COCOS should arrange their time and choose to map the currently circulating ERC20 COCOS to the main network COCOS through official and three-party tools. For the COCOS-listed exchanges, according to the progress of both parties, they will cooperate with the Token mapping and the main-line COCOS trading pair. Among them, platforms including Binance have been deeply docked. During the mapping period, ERC20 COCOS will remain tradable, and the switching time of the main network COCOS trading time will be subject to the official announcement of each exchange.