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For a project, its activity determines its survival. This sentence is also applicable to the blockchain-if there is no continuous use by users, no traffic injection, and the application of traffic thinking in the blockchain era is ignored, how can blockchain projects capture dividends and survive?


Yesterday, when the company was discussing a blockchain product, colleagues mentioned a point. Blockchain products should not be considered too much from the logic of traffic thinking. Traffic thinking is a product of the Internet era. Blockchain products are not. Traffic thinking should be used.

After hearing it, I immediately reflected on whether I was thinking about some problems on the product with my usual thinking. After a discussion, I also accepted such rhetoric.

However, looking back and thinking about this problem, I found that the traffic thinking itself is not wrong, and for application-level blockchain products, it should also be considered from the perspective of traffic.

To figure this out, let's first understand what traffic thinking is:

Traffic thinking refers to the "mainly how much traffic" to consider in each link of the value chain.

The term “traffic” is popular with the development of the Internet. The traditional name was “passenger flow”, mainly for offline use. For example, if your friend opened a ramen shop in a shopping mall, you would ask him: "How about the daily passenger flow?"

In fact, your real purpose is to know how your friend's business is doing.

If a friend replied, "OK, there are many people coming", you will judge that the friend's business is good; if the friend says, "There are not many people every day," you will judge that the business is not good.

In the Internet field, traffic is the number of page views of a platform or app. Traffic can be calculated on a daily and annual basis. In general, the higher the traffic, the greater the number of website visits, and the higher the value of the website.

After understanding again, do you think that the blockchain is not the product of traffic?

The concept of blockchain is derived from Bitcoin, and Bitcoin is driven by technology to speculate, and speculation brings traffic, and then traffic affects the development of Bitcoin-more and more professionals understand the technology and explore the concept of blockchain. Then more public chain projects, basic service projects, and application layer projects were born.

But the survival of each project largely comes from the activity of the community. Isn't the activity of the community the traffic?

The difference is that part of the traffic here is the traffic brought by the technology itself, and part is the speculative traffic that depends on the technology for speculation.

For a startup company to build an application-level blockchain product, should you consider traffic? Take the technology route and use technology to drive traffic? Does the company's team have such strength? Is the directionality of this technology correct? Can the development of technology be favored by the capital market?

This is mostly what the blockchain public chain does-well-known public chains are all open source and coin-issuing. There are foundations to support the development of projects and speculative traffic to support the market.

But what is a startup?

Start-up companies need to consider whether they can rely on the only funds at their disposal to sustain a bright tomorrow.

According to the latest statistics from January 2020, the global cryptocurrency user base has reached 45 million, an increase of nearly 80% compared to the beginning of 19th. With Bitcoin halving in 2020, based on past performance, it is estimated that the growth rate will continue There is faster growth.

Then, these newly growing cryptocurrency users will be the biggest dividends that companies participating in this industry can enjoy.

How to improve the competitiveness in the newly-added user group will be a battle of life and death, which is why it is essential to maintain a certain traffic thinking.

In the end, what is left on the market is not necessarily the one with the best technology, but the one with the widest audience.

This has been explained from the current popularity of public chains-is Ethereum's technology the best? Not necessarily, but he said third, no public chain said second.


Throughout the development of human history, the demographic dividend is an indispensable factor, but in the Internet era, how to enjoy the demographic dividend is translated into traffic thinking.

The economic development of any industry, any emerging technology, and any region will end with the rapid development of the demographic dividend.

Let's look at a picture:

Global PC, Smartphone, and Tablet PC Shipments and Growth Rates, 2000-2017 (Unit: Million Units)

Everyone can see that whether it is a PC, a smartphone, or a tablet, it has changed from a high growth rate to a single-digit growth? Why is that?

Because of people from all over the world, most people should buy it. There is no new user group, and the demographic dividend has disappeared.

China's real estate market has been in the market for more than 20 years. House prices have risen a lot, and all regions of the country have risen. But why do the gains vary from place to place?

The competitiveness of cities is different. The competitiveness and benefit ability of first-tier cities has caused a net inflow of population, and the dividends brought by the net inflow of population will affect house prices and local economies.

Mapping to the global regional economy, everyone is now very optimistic about India's future economic development and growth. Why?

India has a sufficient population, and their population has not been completely consumed in this era of the Internet. After the consumption of the local demographic dividend is reached in various industries, it will enter a growth bottleneck.

Let's go back and consider the following questions?

1. Do you need traffic thinking when making blockchain products, or do you want to enjoy the demographic dividend?

The answer is yes, yes. It is necessary to consider whether the designed product can withstand the requirements brought by the new users. If it is difficult to find the points that attract this part of the new user market, then what is the significance of this product.

2. How does traffic thinking work?

Technology drives traffic, and traffic counteracts technology. The so-called technology-driven traffic refers to that: the application of blockchain technology greatly improves the existing function implementation, which can give users more value, which will cause users to spontaneously spread and cause more traffic to enter.

This method is not mutually exclusive with the traffic thinking itself. The development of WeChat has also evolved in this way. WeChat did not directly introduce the traffic of the QQ system at the beginning, but relied on the user ’s functions to meet the needs of the users. Growth, after seeing spontaneous growth quickly, diversion into WeChat in the qq system.

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