Li Peicai: Large mining coins are highly deterministic, and small coins have been difficult to obtain excess returns

On February 26th, in the live broadcast of "Mining Hookup", Li Peicai, the co-founder of Shanghai Mining, stated that there are three principles for investing in mining machines. First, the price of the mining machine should be cheap, it should be close to, or even lower than the production cost; The amount of coin production should increase non-linearly as the currency price rises. Third, the more difficult it is to market alternative models, the better, and the slower the expected time, the better.

In response to the question of "is it worth investing in small coins", he said that large coins are more deterministic and that the information of the small coin market is now more transparent and it is difficult to obtain excess returns. Once high-yielding small coins appear, graphics cards and FPGAs are calculated. The power will be cut off, and the basic computing power of the small coins is small. Once the computing power soars, the revenue will be very ugly. The risk of small coins is relatively high. Although many small coins can generate tens of times of high returns, there are also many that have fallen from high levels by more than 90%. Do not be dazzled by the rising currency prices and go after the high-bomb silly.