The live video is about to start: FCoin Thunderstorm, how to get your money back? | 8 big events

On February 17th, Zhang Jian, the founder of FCoin, released an announcement to disclose the "truth." Due to insufficient funds reserves, FCoin was unable to pay users' withdrawals, with a scale of up to 7000-13000 BTC. As soon as the announcement came out, the industry shook, and tens of thousands of investors may face a state of nothing.

FCoin thunders, how can users get their money back? Call the police to file a case and wait for a legal decision? Or turn passive into active and restart FCoin with community autonomy? At 7 o'clock tonight, Babbitt's "8 Questions" will connect the video of FT community partner chanwe, RenrenBit founder, Bitfinex shareholder Zhao Dong, and Tai Hetai (Beijing) Law Firm lawyer Luo Tao. "Progress and how investors can effectively safeguard their rights" started professional discussions, tracked the latest progress of FCoin, and cleared a way for FCoin users to defend their rights.

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