Technological Innovation and Exploration of Blockchain Layout in Big Factory 丨 Babbitt Industry Welcome Class

On February 26, in the second lesson of Babbitt Industry Welcome Class, Ma Shitao, chief solution architect of Ant Blockchain, shared the theme of "Dachang Practice: Heavy Fund Layout, Blockchain Technology Innovation and Exploration" as the theme. .

Ma Shitao said that the blockchain is a new architecture for solving the trust problem in the digital age, and trust is the core value brought by the blockchain. Currently, the biggest challenge for blockchain implementation is not technical issues, but business pain points. Users do not have to worry too much about whether the blockchain platform is open source, but to choose the required platform according to business needs.

The following is a summary of the content of this course, and the detailed content can be watched in the course playback: " Dachang Practice: heavy gold layout, blockchain technology innovation and exploration "

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01. Who is Ant Financial?

Ant Financial is a technology company. Committed to using data and technology to empower financial institutions and partners. The goal is to bring equal financial services to small and micro businesses and consumers.

Mobile payment, digital finance, intelligent technology, and globalization are the four levels of capabilities of Ant Financial. Among them, the intelligent technology sector includes the blockchain. We hope that through the capabilities of intelligent technology, we can bring the technology solutions and technology products that Ant Financial has obtained in the past, and output these products to financial customers through such a capability. Industrial customers and end customers of SMEs.

02 、 Thinking about "Political Bureau Collective Learning"

On October 24 last year, after the news that the Politburo collectively learned about blockchain came out, it brought a very big response in the entire industry. What is the interpretation of Ant Financial?

First, strategic opportunities . Reflected in: ① The state's support for blockchain technology and industrial development has greatly inspired practitioners including us; ② Blockchain technology as a national strategy is the visionary technology industry layout of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, which can grasp global innovation opportunities; ③ As a national strategy, blockchain will create greater opportunities for innovation in China's core basic sciences.

Second, blockchain + . Reflected in: ① bringing great opportunities to the development of China's digital economy industry and the real economy, and bringing development opportunities to the real economy and small and micro enterprises; ② independent innovation of the core technology of the blockchain as an important breakthrough to overcome a number of key core technologies; ③ Name the "blockchain +" supply chain, "blockchain +" government, "blockchain +" people's livelihood; ④ accelerate the deep integration of blockchain and cutting-edge information technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, the Internet of Things, and promote integration Innovative and fusion applications.

Third, adhere to innovation investment . Collective study by the Politburo ”further strengthened Ant Financial's determination to continue to invest in innovation: ① Ant Financial continued to invest in the development of the core basic technology of the blockchain, and ranked first in the world for patent applications for three consecutive years. Ability and confidence to turn advantage into victory; ② Gained high recognition from the industry. Won many domestic and international awards such as Wuzhen World Internet Conference and IDC, MIT, Gartner; A practical blockchain platform. "

03. From "information interconnection" to "value interconnection"

In the past 20 years, the information Internet has solved the problem of asymmetry of information through "online". The Internet has changed the way people live and communicate.

With the current consumption of the Internet, people have been "on the cloud", and the Internet has evolved from a resource that serves consumers to a key pillar of corporate digital transformation.

In the next 20 years of value Internet, people will "digitize" more value (assets) through "on-chain", and let people, equipment, business, and society innovate collaboratively.

04.Blockchain is a new architecture for solving trust issues in the digital age

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Blockchain is not a new technology, but a combination of multiple technologies.

Among them, distributed storage throughout the network can make data highly secure and prevent loss; multi-party consensus accounting can ensure that data cannot be tampered with and copied; block chain structure can prevent data from being deleted and traceable; smart contracts can ensure automatic data rules ; Cryptography mechanism can ensure data security and privacy protection.

Blockchain has gone through three stages of development, with different characteristics. The characteristics of Blockchain 1.0 are distributed ledger, block chain structure, Merkel tree, and proof of work. The characteristics of blockchain 2.0 are smart contracts, virtual machines, and decentralized applications. Blockchain 3.0 is characterized by a multi-chain system, a new consensus algorithm, privacy protection, and digital twins.

05. From "Internet of Value" to "New Contract Age"

The value network we envisioned will infiltrate all aspects of the industry through the capabilities of the industry connector, and then extract the data of each industry and put it on the blockchain.

On the basis of the value network, a new contract Internet will also be spawned. If we sign such a contract, you don't need to worry about someone breaking the contract, because all logic can be automatically executed in the digital age.

06. Collaborative network in the era of Wanchain interconnection

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In the era of Wanchain interconnection, different types of networks, through cross-chain collaboration, each enterprise only needs to focus on its most valuable alliance or system and focus on doing its own business. Other things are gathered into different business alliances through cross-chain. This improves the efficiency of the entire network and reduces business costs.

07.Reinventing the technological power of the digital financial system

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"BASIC" (BlockChain, AI, Security, IOT, Computing) are the most important capabilities in the digital economy era.

In the era of the digital economy, blockchain is an infrastructure that can help reconstruct the underlying trust, and we believe that trust is the core value of blockchain.

08 、 Ant Blockchain Platform Panorama

Picture 4

Ant blockchain platform includes infrastructure layer, cloud resource layer, BaaS, BaaS Plus and application layer in order from bottom to top. Among them, BaaS supports Hyperledger Fabric and Enterprise Ethereum Quorum.

09 、 Ant Blockchain landing case

Founded in 2016, Ant Blockchain has more than 400 employees and is the largest blockchain team in China. Since 2017, it has ranked first in the world for the number of patents for three consecutive years. The ant blockchain has begun to explore commercial scenarios in 2017, including but not limited to the following:

Ant Double Link : Serving small and micro enterprises and helping the development of physical finance.

The trade information flow and bill flow in the supply chain are all deposited on the blockchain to form a naturally occurring trusted data based on real trade information. Three or more suppliers. The biggest value is that the naturally occurring trade information becomes credible through the blockchain, and financial institutions can choose the part that they believe to be trusted for financial services.

TaaS traceability platform : make products more fidelity, and make consumption more at ease.

By chaining the industrial chain to form an immutable record on the chain, consumers can see far away and the source is credible. Product traceability can also build consumer-side marketing circuits

Judicial Depositary Service : Let there be no lawsuits in the world.

After the identity, information, assets, behaviors and other data are chained, and the certificate is deposited in the court and other judicial organs, no one can tamper with it. When a dispute occurs (such as breach of contract, infringement, etc.), the court obtains evidence on-chain and conducts online trials, enabling the company to resolve the dispute efficiently.

Digital logistics : visual credibility and traceability of logistics links.

The waybills of the car-free carrier platform are real-time chained to ensure the authenticity of the time of each stage of transportation. After the transportation is completed, multiple parties will conduct fund verification and trajectory verification to achieve the three-in-one integration of information flow, logistics and capital flow.

The trusted waybill is submitted to the logistics supervision and tax supervision departments, and the on-chain data is retained to ensure that the business data is truly compliant.

Cargo owners / logistics companies / car-free platforms apply financial services to financial institutions based on their own real operating data. After obtaining credit, they will further expand the scale of operations and reduce funding pressure.

Provide competitive insurance products to truck drivers, including accident insurance and health insurance; in addition, cargo damage insurance and car damage insurance can also be provided to cargo owners and drivers.

Help drivers get discounts on the aftermarket and refueling, and reduce the burden on drivers.

BaaS platform innovation : more industry-oriented digital innovation models.

10. Thinking about how to choose a commercial blockchain platform in two dimensions

The first is to choose a highly reliable, high-performance, sustainable, secure, and high-ROI technology platform. The second is to choose a technical platform that accepts actual combat and has undergone trials.

Ant blockchain focuses on the accumulation of core technologies and has the technical characteristics of financial-grade platforms. In terms of scalability, it can support 1 billion account models and 1 billion daily trading volumes. In terms of privacy protection, there are many advanced encryption algorithms that can improve efficiency while ensuring security. In terms of storage, the new blockchain storage technology can bring down costs by 50%. In terms of cross-chain, the capacity of 100,000 cross-chain messages per second can be flexibly expanded.

The above is the highlight of 30% of the live broadcast of the second lesson. Please watch it in the next lesson:

" III. Financial Structure: Can Blockchain Technology Become the Pearl of the Financial Crown? "

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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