HUAWEI CLOUD "Directory Blockchain" Helps Precise Epidemic Prevention and Control in Beijing

According to, Huawei Cloud Blockchain helps Beijing build a directory blockchain system, establish an orderly correspondence between the responsibilities, directories, and data of 50+ commissions and offices in the city, and achieve weak management of the data itself. Strong management of resource indexing and use, through technical authorization and approval of real-time participation of multiple parties, through technical and process obstacles in the process of data sharing between government departments, driven by the Beijing Directory Blockchain, controlled, evaluated, and resolved from the root cause Directory data is used for problems such as unsynchronization, difficult sharing, cooperative dispersal, weak application, and poor security. The Beijing Municipal Government conducts epidemic prevention and control and investigation through data, and uses the responsibility data recorded by the directory blockchain to mobilize the various offices of relevant commissions and offices to participate in the operation. In order to avoid privacy leaks, secure and reliable use of data is achieved through technologies such as authorization management and control, and secure computing.