May 1 madman market analysis: Is the real money? The madman uses his own instructions…

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Bitcoin rebounded as scheduled, watching the madman article is so easy and not tired, the logic of the rebound is clearly written in yesterday's article, futures long-term ratio + mainstream currency falling false breakthrough + K line analysis + market stock funds, a series of indicators are Pointing to the market will rebound, so the market will rebound with a high probability. Then, after the rebound, how can we go, we can continue to analyze this way, but in fact, it is not so complicated. The most difficult thing in the market is to find the inflection point. It is not difficult to find the analysis after the inflection point.

First of all, the amount of rebound lasting today is not large, it is difficult to solve the above set of hard disk, and the USDT price tells us that there is no new capital, and the stock game market is destined to be highly limited. Therefore, the 1-2 days of market rebound may come to an end, the market will re-enter the shock market, so the May 1 madman lazy plan may have to succeed, hehe!

May 1 madman market analysis: Is the real money? The madman uses his own instructions...


Quickly bounced back above the pressure level 160, and rushed back down, indicating that the throwing pressure is large, and today the amount can be reduced, and the direct breakthrough is more difficult.


Yesterday, a Nasdaq news stimulated a sudden rise, which led to the rebound of the entire mainstream currency, but we can clearly see that when Ripple led the rebound, let Wright take the lead, but the lack of stamina, indicating this The wave rebound is the news stimulus, and there is no money to make the disk, so the high drop will be the main tone. Today, the rebound is infinite, the pressure can not be broken, and the position is reduced.


75 pressure has been touched, and today's continuous amount can still be good, but the price of the currency is difficult to continue to attack in the short term. Today is also a chance to lighten up the position, you can profit.


Today, there is a clear and incompetent upswing. The market has limited continuity and has turned into a volatile market.


Continue to rise independently, fear not afraid? The bull market terminator is coming again. This indicator is still very accurate in the bear market in the past two years. Pay attention to safety.


The downtrend channel still exists, and you don't have to worry about buying it.

May 1 madman market analysis: Is the real money? The madman uses his own instructions...


There are signs of capital reversal for two consecutive days, but we can see that the recent trend is basically linked to Bitcoin, so I am not involved for the time being.

The market continued to have a large upside momentum, and the growth rate of the small coins was not large, indicating that the market sentiment was general, and the position turned into a high-level shock market. This market is likely to be a deceptive market. After all, the funds are not obvious. Better, so we steal a wave of short-term rebounds, we must quickly retreat after stealing, do not love the war, continue to light warehouse or empty positions and other opportunities on the line, if you still do not understand why the opportunity is waiting, you can look at the madman speculation The method, 6 years, the number of operations in a year is no more than 20 times, this is the true meaning of making money!

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