21st Century Business Herald: Blockchain Revitalizes 'IOUs' Under the Epidemic, Helping Small and Micro Enterprises Get Loans

The 21st Century Business Herald "Blockchain under the epidemic: Revitalizing" IOU "to help small and micro enterprises loan", the article states that in the field of supply chain finance, the blockchain-led financing business model is rapidly advancing. Generally, in supply chain finance, after the core company is “on the chain”, the buyer's real transaction background together with the payment commitment generates a receivable voucher, which is claimed by the seller and becomes a transferable and financing asset. Small and micro enterprises use blockchain to achieve contactless loans, which can solve the urgent need of cash flow to a certain extent. Ant Financial, a blockchain product expert from Ant Financial, explained that the core enterprise on the entire link will issue a payment voucher for the payment generated by the core company. The suppliers at all levels will pay this payment voucher based on real trade. If a small and micro enterprise has this payment voucher, he can apply for a loan online according to the bank that the ant cooperates with. This loan does not require offline meetings and procedures, and can reach a second-level loan as soon as possible. Consistent with the choice of Zhongke Banner, China's largest new alcoholic retail company 1919 is also going through the difficulties with the blockchain.