Opinion: Considering the current wave of CEO departures and the stock market crash, buying BTC is a good deal now

According to CoinGape, netizen CryptoBird said on Twitter today that considering the recent wave of departures of Fortune 500 CEOs, buying bitcoin is still quite cost-effective. He believes: "In 2008, CEOs left, and BTC came into being at this time. From 2019 to 2020, global CEOs quickly stepped down again, and the Dow Jones index indicates a bear market divergence. History will not repeat itself, but often there is commonality. Friends Bitcoin is now very cheap. "The wave of CEO departures seems to have happened just before the stock market crash in 2008, which stimulated the current stock market liquidation and promoted the formation of safe havens such as the US dollar, gold and Bitcoin. Once the economic recession is coming, considering the current situation, the best course of action is to accumulate safe-haven assets such as Bitcoin.