Radio and Television Express: Explanation of the patent of "blockchain-based access control method and device"

On February 28, Guangdian Express (SZ002152) stated on the investor question-and-answer platform that a new patent-"blockchain-based access control method and device" related to your company was announced,

(1) There are currently many patents related to the blockchain and access control systems on the market, most of which record the operation data of the access control system to the blockchain to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information. Based on the use of blockchain to achieve data credibility, our patent innovatively proposes a combination of threshold encryption and smart contracts to improve the security of user biometric data. At the same time, the access control authorization access method based on smart contracts can realize the security management and control of access control access rights.

(2) This patent uses asymmetric encryption of user biometric data, and asymmetric encryption keys are managed with threshold encryption for split encryption and on-chain management. While using the blockchain to achieve multi-party collaboration and transparency, , Which greatly improves the security of user biometric data and has a certain technical threshold.

(3) The main application scenarios of this patent are policy housing management such as public rental housing and talent housing, as well as intelligent management of hotels, apartments, and homestays. It is still in the internal testing stage. The market income depends largely on customer acceptance. Certain uncertainty