Zhengzhou: By the end of June 2020, use "Internet government services" and blockchain technology to create "Zheng e Deng"

According to Dahe Daily, recently, the Zhengzhou Municipal People ’s Government has officially issued the “Notice of Zhengzhou Wenzhou Real Estate Registration, Transaction and Tax Payment Work Plan on the Spot, Same Day” Work Plan (Zheng Zhengwen 2020 [2]), which deals with Zhengzhou real estate transactions And registration work put forward "higher, faster and stronger" requirements. By the end of June 2020, the Municipal Resource Planning Bureau will be responsible for completing the work related to the reform of "government-bank cooperation", using "Internet + government services" and blockchain technology to create "Zheng eden", promoting standardization and integration, and building system data Information is directly connected and interconnected, the credit system of financial institutions, the home mortgage contract signing system and the real estate registration system are interconnected and integrated, and business data is shared and interoperable. The mortgage registration link is embedded in the entire link of customer loans. From mortgage registration to lending, the whole process is seamlessly connected, and the loan and mortgage registration achieve the "one thing" requirement.