When all Bitcoins were mined in 2140, what is the final value of Bitcoins purchased today 120 years later?

As we all know, there are only 21 million Bitcoins, and the last one will be mined all day. According to current estimates, the last bitcoin will be mined around 2140. So, if you invest $ 100 in Bitcoin today, what will be its final value in 120 years?

Bitcoin To The Moon

In order to better estimate the future price of Bitcoin, we need to first understand the growth model of cryptocurrencies. Among them, the two most famous models are the parabolic supertrend price growth model proposed by cryptocurrency trader Parabolic Trav and the Stock-to-Flow ratio price model proposed by Plan B.

At the same time, we must also consider that if "hyperbitcoinization [1] " does occur and Bitcoin becomes a global currency that everyone uses, and there are no other currencies at all, then the price of Bitcoin will rise Still restricted.

In 2009, Hal Finney had predicted that the price of Bitcoin would reach $ 10 million. Based on the assumption that Bitcoin will eventually become the world's leading currency, he reached the above conclusion by dividing the estimated total value of world household wealth by 21 million Bitcoins.

Based on this idea, the encrypted news website Decrypt updated the latest digital calculation results and concluded that each bitcoin is worth 18 million US dollars. Bitcoin's parabolic growth will continue to rise until no more wealth can be converted into Satoshi [2] .

Parabolic hypertrend model

Parabolic Trav's parabolic supertrend model is closely related to Plan B's stock to flow ratio model. Although many investors are against the idea of ​​parabolic growth, since Marti Malmi exchanged his first bitcoin for fiat money in 2009, Bitcoin has grown by 2,232,111,011.11%, reaching an all-time high of $ 20,000 in 2017.


Bitcoin follows the S-curve of technological system evolution. Although it is a "currency", it is also a new technology that new users adopt to follow the S-curve.

There are similarities between Trav's parabolic price model and the S-curve adopted by the new technology. They are both parabolic. As we may see, Bitcoin's curve is similar to smartphones and the Internet, and it is steeper.


Stock-to-Flow ratio model

The Stock to flow ratio is the number of available or reserve assets divided by the amount produced each year. For example, the Stock to Flow ratio of gold is 62, which means that it takes 62 years to produce the current supply of gold in the world.

Cryptocurrency analyst Plan B's Stock to flow ratio model further supports Trav's parabolic growth model, suggesting that halving Bitcoin will affect prices. At present, Bitcoin's Stock to flow ratio is 25, but it will be halved to 50, which is closer to the ratio of gold.


It can be seen from the figure above that when miner rewards are halved every 210,000 blocks or about once every four years, there is always a parabolic price increase.

Plan B's model predicts that the market value of bitcoin will reach $ 1 trillion, or the price of each bitcoin is $ 55,000.


According to Plan B's model, Digitalek.net expects the price of Bitcoin to exceed $ 1 million by 2025, reaching $ 1,215,731 each.

Finney's Forecast: From the Perspective of Parabolic Growth and Stock-to-Flow Ratio

Credit Suisse estimates that global household wealth is $ 360 trillion. Dividing this number by 21 million bitcoins results in a price of $ 17,142,857 per bitcoin.

However, Chainalysis estimates that as many as 4 million Bitcoins have been lost. Therefore, if calculated at 17 million bitcoins, according to Finney's idea, the price of bitcoin would be $ 21,176,470.

Suppose today that you bought $ 100 of Bitcoin at a current price of $ 8,880, and you get 0.01126 Satoshis. Let's also assume that hyperbitcoinization occurred in 2140. When the last bitcoin was mined in 2140, the value of these Satoshis could be expected to be $ 238,374.

1.Bitcoin adoption on a large scale, leading the global currency basket

2.1 BTC = 100 million Satoshis ↵

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