The data shows that the ratio of long and short positions in BTC contracts is 2.2, and the total number of positions is reduced to around 8.6 million.

As of 10:30 on February 28, according to OKEx trading big data, the number of short and long positions in the BTC contract was 2.2, the quarterly contract basis was US $ 140.05, the perpetual contract basis was US $ 7.4, and the perpetual contract fund rate was 0.038%; Total BTC contract positions are 8,630,367, 24h trading volume is 41,760,742; active buying volume is 304,475, and active selling volume is 316,738; elite accounts have a long account ratio of 49%, long position ratio of 17.45%, short account ratio of 49%, and short Position ratio is 18.62%. In terms of BTC spot data, the leverage ratio is 12.91, the amount of active currency purchase is 158.75 BTC, the amount of active currency sale is 144.61 BTC, and the over-the-counter premium rate of USDT is 102.07%.

Analysts said that the ratio of long and short positions in the BTC contract was 2.2, and the market was dominated by long positions. The number of market dips still cannot be ignored. In terms of numbers, the market is optimistic about the market outlook, but after the market declines, the total positions There was a significant decline in the volume. The total position was reduced from more than 10 million to around 8.6 million. The quarterly contract basis was more than 100 US dollars, which was not strong, indicating that the market had some concerns about the outlook. The market was relatively active in active trading. In the short-term market, there may be changes in the market, and it is still necessary to pay attention to risk control; in terms of BTC contract elite positions, the long and short forces have rebalanced, and the shuffle continues.