Chairman of Shaanxi Normal University Publishing Corporation: This epidemic will promote traditional publishing units' attention to new technologies such as blockchain

According to China News Publishing and Broadcasting News, Liu Dongfeng, Chairman and President of Shaanxi Normal University Publishing Corporation, pointed out that the examination of the epidemic in the publishing industry was directly aimed at the urgent needs of readers, prompting various agencies to focus on pushing new High-quality content, providing public service, and free reading, etc., have affected readers' reading and understanding to a certain extent, and have led to the co-construction of the digital reading market and the media service environment. These will promote traditional publishing units to pay more attention to and study the reality of the application of new technologies such as big data, cloud computing, blockchain and artificial intelligence in the publishing field, pay attention to new changes in media development under the 5G background, expand traditional publishing boundaries, and accelerate the promotion of digital Publishing integration transformation development.