Media: CoinTiger is suspected of attracting users by tricking transactions and swiping orders

According to, Cointiger's founder Frank Ling has publicly stated that he does not recognize the IEO model. However, according to the financial network, CoinTiger has adopted the IEO mode when it issued the platform coin Tiger Cash, and the official website still has the IEO section. Secondly, the public information shows that CoinTiger is a high-denominated exchange in Singapore, but according to Skyscan, it belongs to Chengdu Taiyi Technology Co., Ltd., and transferred its registration to Singapore after the September 14th storm. And CoinTiger's recent recruitment information indirectly confirms that it is actually operating in the country, and the office is in Beijing. In addition, the exchange supports 95 currency pairs of transactions, a total of 98 pairs of transactions, but seven of them are unclear for 24-hour trading volume, and 10 transactions are less than three-digit trading volume for 24 hours. . In addition, a person familiar with the matter said: "From the pending record, CoinTiger may be suspected of spoofing."