Chairman of Zhongnong Rongxin Company: Using blockchain and other technologies to create a "national electronic registration platform for rural assets"

According to, Zhang Dandan, an expert in the fields of agriculture, agriculture and rural areas, and chairman of China Agricultural Finance Corporation, published an article entitled "China Rural Finance Finance's Rural Finance Innovation." The article points out that from the perspective of the development, practice, and advantages and disadvantages of rural finance in China, the most critical issue for the rapid development of rural finance in China and for farmers to have access to financial services is the urgent need to awaken Chinese rural assets and empower them To truly activate the value of tens of trillions of rural resources and assets.

She proposed that in terms of dataization of rural assets, using county information as a unit, using modern information technology such as big data, cloud computing, and blockchain, to build a single farmer, farmer, farmer and other operators as the mainstay, and land and other resources "National Rural Asset Digital Electronic Registration Platform" with various assets such as products, production products, management rights, and usage rights as the core, gradually turning all physical and equity assets into electronic assets, accelerating the pace of asset dataization, and connecting with governments at all levels , Industrial, and farmer's existing information systems, forming a low-level database for mutual verification.