The report shows that global blockchain spending in 2019 is about 2.9 billion US dollars, the largest in the United States and the third in China

On February 28, Huobi Research Institute and a number of institutions released a report on the overall development of the global blockchain industry (2019-2020). The report states that global blockchain spending in 2019 is approximately $ 2.9 billion, the largest in the United States (39%), followed by Western Europe (24.4%), China (11.2%), Asia Pacific (8.1%), and Central and Eastern Europe (5.2%) globally. Investment and financing have become more rational. The number of investments in the whole year has not changed much from last year, but the scale ($ 3.7 billion) has fallen by 27.9%; the United States has the largest proportion (40%), and China has the second largest (15%).

The report believes that 2020 is the year of the outbreak of industrial blockchain. In the process, 1. Many global blockchain standards will begin to be implemented to accelerate the implementation of applications; 2. Blockchain college courses and teaching materials are entering a rapid development stage The demand for technology and popular science training will also increase, leading to explosive content of independent training institutions; 3. Blockchain payment enters the landing stage, and there will be strong endorsed payment tools such as regional stablecoins and legal digital currencies; 4. Finance Applications in vertical fields such as certificate, deposit certificate, and government affairs will be preferentially implemented on a large scale; 5. Convenient cross-chain will be realized between alliance chains; 6. Blockchain will also be deeply integrated with cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, AI, and 5G.