JD.com Vice President: The first standard of the financial industry blockchain will let the industry say goodbye to brutal growth

According to Sina Finance News, Cao Peng, vice president of Jingdong Mathematics, said in an interview that the blockchain field has developed rapidly in recent years, but good and bad. The timely introduction of the standard will become the "foundation for creating reliable blockchain technology and applications drawing". He predicted that "Technical Specifications for Financial Distributed Ledger Security" will prompt the blockchain industry to bid farewell to brutal growth. Another person in the industry also stated that the emergence of any new technology has a small-scale application to large-scale expansion, from non-standard to standardization. The role of standards in this is to standardize, indicate directions, and specify Claim. "These requirements were not conceived from the brain, but accumulated through a long-term exploration of the entire industry. They were summarized and refined by the central bank and other leading departments on the basis of their experience and technological development."