Bybit co-founder Ben zhou: As long as there is fluctuation, bulls and bears are suitable for contract trading

On February 28, in the ChainNode live room, when talking about the trading logic of "bull coin storage, bear market contract", Bybit co-founder and CEO Ben Zhou said: For traders, as long as there is fluctuation, they can play contract. The digital asset trading market is divided into two types of people, one is the spot currency pie distribution, and the other is derivative trading. They originally did speculation in foreign exchange, gold, and crude oil, and fetched the strong volatility of Bitcoin to enter this market. . They focus more on fluctuations than bulls and bears.

For exchanges, on the one hand, the exchange's risk control mechanism needs to be improved, including the exchange's rules mechanism, anti-closing mechanism, and automatic lightening; on the other hand, how to ensure the highest level of security is also key. Ben said that as the industry grows, derivatives will be very large. He also revealed that Bybit will launch a forward contract product at the end of March. It should have several core functions, including two-way position holding, perfect position locking, and combined margin, thereby increasing the utilization rate of margin.