Huobi University Yu Jianing: Blockchain must be implemented in practice to achieve innovative development

Recently, the principal of Huobi University, Yu Jianing, accepted an interview with Securities Daily. When talking about the combination of blockchain technology with various local industries, he said that on the one hand, blockchain is currently in the early development stage, with certain technical defects, Before industrialization, the realization of innovative development requires government policy guidance; on the other hand, blockchain must be implemented in practice to achieve innovative development, and its characteristics determine that blockchain development is cross-organizational, cross-industry, and Individual enterprises carry out this internally, and this large-scale collaboration also requires the guidance of local policies. The blockchain is rooted in the Internet, and the blockchain model is verified through local practice, which has the opportunity to achieve leap-forward development across the country, and even become an important hub in the era of the value Internet to achieve economic curve overtaking. Local governments have great expectations for the development of blockchain, which stems from the digital economy's ability to bring leap-forward development to the local area.