Live broadcast playback: FCoin Thunderstorm, how to get your money back? | 8 big events

At 7 pm on February 27, Babbitt ’s "8 Questions" video was linked to FT community partner chanwe, RenrenBit founder Zhao Dong, and Tai Hetai (Beijing) Lawyer Lawyer Luo Tao on the "F Coin community restart Reporting a case and defending rights "to start discussions.

Zhao Dong: Zhao Dong said that FCoin does not currently have the conditions to restart. Because the theft of FCoin and Bitfinex is different, the balance sheet of Bitfinex before the theft was publicly available, and how FCoin lost money, users did not know the specific process. What Zhang Jian has to do now is to explain exactly what FCoin's balance sheet looks like. Before that, it is very irresponsible to hand over FCoin to the community to restart FCoin. Moreover, the members of the social council must also stand up in real name, otherwise it is a black box operation. Chanwe said that he personally supports Zhang Jian's new project because supporting his new project is to support debt repayment. For community members, chanwe recommends that regardless of rights protection or negotiation, we should take a rational view of the issue and do not act excessively.

Facing the issue of how investors can effectively defend their rights, Luo Tao said that from the perspective of legal practice, first, as a creditor, we must have a clear understanding. The FCoin case is very similar to the P2P case. Investors need to realize that it will take a long time to obtain the largest claim amount against FCoin. Second, try to bring all creditors together and avoid fighting alone. Third, in the specific reporting process, internal opinions must be unified, and several representatives must continue to put pressure on the public security department and FCoin. WechatIMG843 201911290837494716 201911290836178644