New Trojan invades Google 2FA verification program to steal code or affect BTC wallet or digital transaction account security

According to U.Today, a new malware called Cerberus now attacks android smartphones by stealing passwords provided by Google's authentication application. According to the research team's report, Cerberus can do a few other things that Trojans can do, undermine the Google authentication application, and steal its one-time code, which is often used to ensure access to a Bitcoin wallet or digital transaction account Safety. So far, this Google app is considered the best protection and more effective than SMS-based security code. The report states that the modern version of the Trojan has been significantly improved and its capabilities are close to remote access Trojans. The latter is considered a very powerful malware. Researchers say that the upgraded Trojan has not been shared on hacking forums so far. However, they warned that this is likely to happen in the near future.