Bitcoin expert Antonopoulos: Bitcoin and Ethereum represent a trade-off between security and flexibility

According to news from AMBCrypto on February 28, Bitcoin security expert Andreas Antonopoulos recently stated at the event that in the evolution of each cryptocurrency, some decisions need to be made to represent trade-offs. The most fundamental trade-off between Bitcoin and Ethereum is the trade-off between security and flexibility. "Bitcoin scripting language is limited in many ways. It is simple, Turing, and intentionally incomplete, making it difficult to implement and expose a very small attack surface. Therefore, the scope of its expression is extremely limited. Antonopoulos went on to say that Ethereum chose the opposite approach. According to him, the flexibility of the Ethereum platform brings "incredibly complex systems with a variety of unexpected side effects, in order to achieve maturity, security It must be more iterative, robust, and stable. "He added that the current design of Ethereum is to create a fairly easy-to-use form of currency, and Bitcoin tends to be a store of value.