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On February 28th, in the fourth lesson of the Babbitt Industry Welcome Class, Xu Yutao, the chief innovation consultant of Microsoft's Omni-channel Business Unit, shared the theme of "Practical Truth: How to Integrate Blockchain Technology Solutions into the Industrial Ecology".


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What is a blockchain?

The blockchain is a secure shared distributed ledger. However, blockchain is not a new technology, but a combination of a series of existing technologies, and also the integration of the underlying technology and real business applications.

For some specific scenarios of enterprises, blockchain is very valuable. These scenarios include business processes that cross trust boundaries , multiple parties processing the same data , middlemen controlling a single source of credit , and processes that include low-value, manual verification . In manufacturing, retail, insurance, banking capital markets, government public areas, and large health industries, blockchain has huge application potential.

Microsoft and Bitcoin & Blockchain

Back in 2014, Microsoft started accepting Bitcoin payments. Although temporarily stopped due to Bitcoin price fluctuations, Microsoft quickly resumed in 2018.

In Microsoft Office Excel, Bitcoin is currently supported in the currency options. At the same time, Microsoft's XBOX game platform also applies blockchain technology, writing the transaction links and data on the platform on the chain, providing nearly real-time product purchase information, accelerating the cost calculation process, and strengthening the trust of game publishers.

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Blockchain enterprise application case

Industry-oriented enterprise applications can be divided into two types: 1. Workflow applications , based on pre-consensus network rules, automatically check transaction progress and simplify workflow across multiple organizations; 2. Exchange applications , securely record asset ownership Precise exchanges, even when trading in a non-processed way.

Using blockchain technology, Starbucks can enhance the transparency of coffee bean circulation throughout the supply chain, establish credit and provide financial support for growers, improve the control of coffee bean transfer and inventory, and also allow consumers to control the entire process of the product Learn more.

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Shipping giant Maersk, together with Ernst & Young, blockchain professional company Guardtime, and Microsoft, developed the world's first shipping insurance blockchain platform to determine the position, status, and security of high-value assets in transit in real time, simplifying claims and Checkout process to reduce errors. At the same time, in the audit process, all data can be transparently and accurately displayed to all stakeholders.

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How does the blockchain integrate into the industrial ecology?

Blockchain is not born for enterprise applications . The existing ledger technology is designed for public network cryptocurrency transactions, and it is difficult to meet the many needs of enterprise-level applications for performance, privacy protection and alliance management; the existing smart contract technology cannot make good use of the established processes and Tools; integrating blockchain with existing technology is not easy.

It is best for companies to use a platform that can help them solve various challenges step by step, provide deployment of pre-configured blockchain networks, link cloud services, build interfaces and interfaces, and meet the diverse network structure needs of enterprises, so that enterprises will Time focuses on business scenarios that create value.

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