Cai Qi, Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee: Pilot project on "blockchain-based supply chain financial service platform"

According to the Beijing Daily News, on the afternoon of February 28, the Beijing Municipal Party Committee held the first monthly work review meeting of the Secretary of the District Committee this year, focusing on the current situation of epidemic prevention and control and resumed production. Cai Qi, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, stated that the development of multi-field epidemic prevention and control work reference; the establishment of "urban brain" epidemic prevention and control platform, the development and application of a number of testing equipment, diagnostic reagents and other new technologies and new products; strengthen the prevention of epidemic prevention work of key construction projects, pilots started The number of projects ranks first in the city; the pilot of a "blockchain-based supply chain financial service platform" is launched to support the resumption of production and stable development of enterprises; and the special procedures for enterprises that meet the conditions for production of epidemic prevention materials are expedited.