JD.com Vice President: The first standard in the financial industry blockchain will become the "basic drawing" for creating reliable blockchain technology and applications

According to the news from the No. 1 financial institute, Cao Peng, vice president of JD.com, said that the central bank has for the first time integrated distributed accounting technology into the financial field and formulated a comprehensive specification, which is of great significance for guiding the development of the industry. "The first blockchain standard in the domestic financial industry." This will become a "basic drawing" for creating reliable blockchain technology and applications, and will play a good role in guiding the healthy development of the industry. It is also a milestone event for the entire blockchain industry. Whether it is the specification of domestic blockchain technology and applications, or the shaping of foreign standards, it will have a profound impact. The release of "Technical Specifications for Financial Distributed Ledger Technology" will prompt the blockchain industry to bid farewell to brutal growth and achieve more consensus and collaboration foundations. This is important for the blockchain to further connect the digital world and achieve interconnection and interoperability. Guiding significance. As far as the blockchain financial business is concerned, the "Regulations" are positive for the industry and can further regulate the market and promote the development of the industry. This is also a new opportunity for practitioners in the domestic financial industry and the blockchain industry.