Zhang Jian: Strive for a transparent collection of asset wallet addresses before 12 o'clock, expect to resume the website within a week

In the early morning of February 29, Zhang Jian of FCoin founder announced on the official website that:

1. I personally bear unlimited debt for immense losses caused by this closed network and platform decision-making operation.

2. Prepare to immediately announce the platform balance asset wallet address for all community members to check, and promise not to transfer out and subsequent asset transparency, so that after the platform restarts, based on the platform balance assets and all user losses, develop a feasible compensation withdrawal ratio and remaining liabilities. Users can choose to convert debts or shares, and reserve some funds for restarting operations, and make them public to the community and accept the referendum.

3. At the fastest speed, I will do my best to publish the details of the assets and liabilities as detailed and accurate as possible, but I implore the old community in the community to give me personal time to sort out and check.

4. Strive to collect and transparently transfer the asset wallet address to the community by 12:00 noon on February 29, 2020, and submit it to the community in the form of a multi-signature wallet. How to use it later, withdraw compensation and retain some operations, etc., is determined by the community referendum.

5. I'm trying to cooperate with the social committee to promote the restart, and I have found the fastest solution. The website is expected to be restored within one week.

Earlier, Zhang Jian appeared in the telegram group, saying that FCoin had nothing to do with Li Yingying and her family.