Chen Wen, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics: "Blockchain charity" to achieve operational results basically depends on the majority of participants

According to the China Business News, Chen Wen, deputy director of the Inclusive Finance and Intelligent Finance Research Center of the School of Finance at Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, believes that "the real 'blockchain + charity' must achieve operational effects that are different from traditional charities. The majority of participants. The current embarrassment is that the participants are generally still in a state of no sense, so 'blockchain + charity' currently does not truly reflect higher efficiency and social value. "Meanwhile, Chen Wen said that based on Blockchain creates a well-functioning charity ecosystem. Its highlight is to give full play to the power of the masses, and it is possible to form a comprehensive and three-dimensional social supervision and the creation of a cultural environment. However, the difficulty is also in participating in donations and monitoring donations. Relevant incentives are indispensable.