Jingdong Digital Science Zhai Xinlei: Blockchain industry application scenarios need to be fully digitized

According to the China Business News, Zhai Xinlei, head of JD Digital's blockchain business, said in an exclusive interview that after the blockchain is traced to the source, the data can be trusted. The solution is the credible link of the data of discrete subjects on the supply chain. Problems can be linked in series from the production, processing, testing, customs clearance, warehousing, logistics, sales, distribution and other links, and displayed to consumers in the form of one item and one yard. In addition, the choice of scene is also an investment in technology. It can be understood as incubating and investing in blockchain technology using Jingdong's own scenes and massive data. The industrial application scenario of the blockchain needs to be fully digitized. If an industry does not achieve digitization, it is not necessary to consider the blockchain at all, and it is easy to counterproductive information on the chain.