Beijing Trust Technology CEO: There are three aspects to the combination of blockchain technology and financial supervision

According to the China Business News, regarding the combination of blockchain technology and financial supervision, Ma Chenyun, CEO of Beijing Trust Technology, believes that there are three main aspects: First, the key business data of the monitored objects (business data, statements, etc.) 2. On-chain key business processes. Pre-documentation to facilitate the post-event audit to determine the authenticity of the data. Second, the introduction of smart contracts can be used to code and contract key business rules and requirements of regulatory authorities, enabling business rules to operate in accordance with pre-defined specifications, reducing human operations and violations of the law. Third, the connection with the Internet court's blockchain certificate deposit platform enables judicial deposit of certificate deposits, on the one hand, to prevent potential disputes, and on the other hand, to restrict the regulatory authorities to improve the transparency and authority of the entire mechanism.