DeFi trading platform Curve has abnormal transactions, and the attacker may conduct a clamp attack on two types of funds pool

According to the news of the chain, an abnormal transaction occurred on Curve, a decentralized stablecoin trading platform. According to the etherscan block browser, the transaction was exchanged for USD 465,000 in BUSD using USDC worth USD 89,000, which occurred 21 hours ago. And 17 hours ago, Curve announced on official Twitter that it would cooperate with to launch a fund pool with DAI, USDC, USDT, and BUSD. Some DeFi industry insiders speculate that the attack may be related to Zap smart contracts. Zap is a smart contract that can automatically allocate funds in Compound, Fulcrum, Tokenset, etc. according to preset allocations. stated on its official Twitter that an attacker appeared to conduct a pincer attack on Curve's and funds pools.