FCoin activist reports late at night to block Zhang Jian's relatives, police are counting victims' losses

At about 23:00 on February 28, an FCoin activist reported that he had intercepted Zhang Jian's wife's parents and sister Li Yingying in a hotel in Shangcheng District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. Subsequently, some activists provided on-site pictures and video displays, and the three of them may be processing related matters at the police station.

(The live video and pictures show that the defender and the intercepted relatives of Zhang Jian may be filing for the Hangzhou Lakeside Police Station)

Earlier, FCoin Zhang Jian suffered from FCoin user's rights protection because he was unable to pay user assets. The activist broke the information, saying that Li Yingying and her parents were expected to fly abroad, and they have already bought fake ID cards to prepare for immigration.

Subsequently, the information surrounding Zhang Jian's relatives spread widely in the defense of rights. Many defenders called for victims to go to police stations to "support" them, fearing that "the number of victims was not enough, and they (Zhang Jian's relatives) slipped away."

The Odaily Planet Daily tried to contact the on-site defenders for more information. The on-site defenders sent a long paragraph of proliferation information to the Odaily Planet Daily and responded: "Busy, spread, come. Within 24 hours, the more people come, the better. "

Rights defenders at the scene further disclosed the scene information: "The police station here does not know the situation and cannot file a case for the time being. The person in charge of the police station said that he has no jurisdiction. Because he was afraid of a dispute, he would leave the person at the police station (non-detention). I don't know how to deal with it, and the police station in the jurisdiction of the case may need to take over. "

Some defenders at the scene also claimed that there were nearly 20 defenders at the scene. As long as there were many people, they would not let them go. The problem was that the case was not led by the police station or the main body of the Public Security Bureau. Odaily Planet Daily has learned that at present the defenders are "tracking", while other defenders have begun to buy air tickets and drive to Hangzhou, and the alarm calls announced in the rights group have also been busy.

More rumors about Zhang Jian's relatives in the rights group were disclosed by activists. It is reported that Zhang Jian's wife has not yet gone abroad and that she and her relatives own real estate in many places in the country. This news has not been confirmed, but it has still caused a lot of activism among the FCoin activist groups.

In order to verify that Zhang Jian's relatives were surrounded by defenders, Odaily Planet Daily called Hangzhou Hubin Police Station overnight, but as of press time, the phone has been busy and failed to answer.

Subsequently, Odaily Planet Daily again called the Hangzhou police phone provided by the defenders, and the operator said: "All the rights warning phone calls about the thunderstorm on the FCoin platform were received tonight. The police are currently registering the number and amount of victims."

When asked if the case was filed, the wiring police confirmed to Odaily Planet Daily that the case has not yet been formally opened. At the same time, since the scene personnel are not the suspect of the case but their family members, they need to further verify the facts about whether there are illegal acts such as using fake ID cards. At the same time, the police advised that victims in various places could report to the local police station and register the victim information. In normal procedures, after receiving the case, the public security organ will send a notification to the National Association for investigation.

The latest news is that at 2:29 am today, FCoin founder Zhang Jian reappeared because of the activist's alarm to block Li Yingying's family members. In a telegram group named "The Third FT Community Committee Social Committee", he stated: "We are working hard to promote the restart and have found the fastest solution. The website is expected to be restored in the near future. At the same time, I also acknowledge all the debts, and everyone can see it on the website after the restart."

Zhang Jian explained in the statement that Li Yingying and her family did not participate in any matter of FCoin, nor did they hold any positions, and they had no property. All rumors are rumors. Please do not believe things without any basis. If you have any questions, please refer them to the police for verification.

As of press time, there were still many on-the-spot rights defenders at the Hubin District Police Station in Hangzhou.