Hangzhou Local Public Security Bureau Does Not Repeat FCoin Rights Defender Cases, Needs to Return to Beijing

Hangzhou Hubin District Public Security Bureau reported at the scene that Hangzhou would not re-accept the FCoin rights defender case. The illegal operation of Beijing Bochen Technology Co., Ltd. was investigated by the Beijing Public Security Bureau Chaoyang Branch in March 2019. The victim has described and registered the losses in my institute. Our institute will forward the collected relevant materials to the Chaoyang Branch of the Beijing Public Security Bureau. The matters reported to me by the police are the same as the case of Beijing Bochen Technology Co., Ltd.'s illegal operation being handled by the Beijing Public Security Bureau Chaoyang Branch. According to relevant laws and regulations, our institute will no longer accept the case repeatedly. In addition, Zhang Jian's relatives did not hold any position in the company after investigation, and found no connection with the case. On the evening of February 28, a defender reported to the family of Zhang Jian's wife, Li Yingying, in the Hubin District of Hangzhou City. At present, the parties and defenders are dealing with related matters at the police station.