Coinbase's description of EOS network performance "degraded" is inaccurate

Recently, Coinbase said that EOS deposits and withdrawals were suspended due to concerns about the performance of the EOS network. In response, responded that Coinbase's description of the "degradation" of EOS network performance was inaccurate. EOS network transfer and confirmation time everything works normally. Through communication with Coinbase, it was found that there is a scalability issue with the compatibility between the EOSIO software and the monitoring tools necessary for Coinbase. Since the EOS network is executing more and more transactions every day, the compatibility of Coinbase and EOSIO software needs to be updated to keep up with the speed of EOS network transactions. also said that by updating EOSIO software, Coinbase can optimize the compatibility of its tools and better meet its needs to monitor all economic activities. Updates will be released in the coming weeks, while and Coinbase will work together to optimize the configuration and performance of existing integration solutions. In the meantime, thank the community for their support.