Ethhub founder: Ethereum's consensus on turning to PoS has gained popularity and mining pools have seen the prospects and are ready

On February 29th, Ethhub founder Eric Conner tweeted that no more Ethereum miners don't want to switch to PoS. This claim is baseless and completely ignores the evidence before it. The top mining pools are currently investing time, manpower and resources to prepare for ETH 2. Eric Conner also listed a series of evidence, such as he said that Spark Pool (mastering the 31% hash rate of the Ethereum network) has a site dedicated to PoS, which discusses the benefits of PoS and how the chain continues to grow. . Spark Pool also stated that they are running the ETH 2 testnode node; Ethermine (23% hash value) has started to build the ETH 2 testnet block browser; f2pool (10% hash value) has already expressed support. Finally, Eric Conner emphasized that it is now possible to stop this ridiculous narrative (miners do not want to switch to PoS) and not use it as a reason for decision. The consensus on Ethereum's move to PoS has gained popularity. The mining pool has seen its future and future and is ready for it.