Huobi public chain test online

According to the news from Huobi Global, the Huobi public chain test network was officially launched on February 28, 2020. At the same time, 4 significant advantages of Huobi Public Chain were also disclosed:

1. Huobi Public Chain is the first in the world to provide a compliance and regulatory framework on the chain. It innovatively proposes the concept of a “supervisory node”;

2. Aim at the opportunities of mainstream financial services on the chain, support user-defined DeFi services, and provide underlying support such as assets, supervision, and financial data;

3. Support financial application developers to independently create applications, support multilingual high-performance smart contracts, support cross-chain and third-party development and operation of sub-chains based on the Huobi public chain protocol, and meet the high-performance needs of financial transactions

4. Completely original, independent technological innovation.