FCoin restarts existing work progress report and restart plan suggestions

On the evening of February 29, Zhang Jian, founder of the FCoin Exchange, announced that at present, I am working hard to implement the work in accordance with the "Statement on Accelerating the Restart of FCoin":

1. I will continue to publish the remaining batch addresses of all the FCoin balance assets in the cold (hot) wallet for your inspection (I do need more time to verify, collect and organize the addresses, please give me some patience and support) .

2. In order to enable more community users to recover losses to the greatest extent, I announced in the form of an appendix after this announcement the restart schemes of FCoin and FMex (including technical connection, financial supervision) that I have not fully discussed according to community recommendations. , Compensation measures, operational suggestions, etc.), try to take into account realistic and operable compensation withdrawal and restart operation plans for the community to consider.

3. I promise to calculate the details of the assets and liabilities as soon as possible, to be as accurate as possible, and to publish the balance sheet and the remaining balance asset data. The next step is to disclose the progress of the restart and the progress of the wallet transfer.

4. After the above work is completed, I will work hard to listen to the voice of the community, help to improve the FCoin and FMex restart plan of transparent and community-based governance supervision, and communicate frankly with the old iron in the community. If you make a mistake, it will be difficult to make up for the loss. I do not want to continue to make mistakes. I implore everyone to give me a chance to correct and self-certify.