The epidemic is on the verge, and the era of large-scale landing of blockchain applications has accelerated!

During the epidemic, the combination of blockchain and traditional industries has greatly exerted its on-chain effectiveness, that is, instant efficiency, convenient interaction, openness and transparency. Especially in areas such as material donation, logistics and transportation, government management, supply chain finance and other fields have played a very important role. Here, we have integrated some excellent blockchain application examples from some official platform information.

『Charity Donation』

From People's Daily Online, we learned that during the outbreak, led by China Xiong'an Group Digital City Company and FunChain Technology Company, Haier Zhijia, Fosun Financial Services, Sunshine Credit City and other institutions jointly initiated the establishment of a charity donation management traceability platform. Aiming at the three major problems of charitable donation and fighting the epidemic, “difficulty in demand, donation in place, and hard to believe by the masses”, we are committed to opening up the whole process of charitable donation, including “seeking donation—donation matching—issue donation—logistic tracking—donation confirmation” All aspects of the process ensure that the donors successfully complete the donation of materials and the masses can see and believe the donation.

In addition, the platform provides a convenient and fast on-chain information browsing portal, and provides an open donation information query service for everyone. All key donation data in the platform have been uploaded to the chain and stored, and everyone, including the platform initiator, cannot link to the chain. The tampering of the data will ensure the transparency and credibility of the donation behavior of donor organizations while ensuring the right of all sectors of society to understand the internal information of the platform.

『Logistics Transportation』

From the Economic Reference News, we know that during the epidemic prevention and control, and the Hubei Provincial Government cooperated to build their emergency material supply chain management platform. The platform provides full-process visual tracking, efficient centralized management and control of the production, inventory, allocation, and distribution of protective clothing, masks, goggles and other materials that are urgently needed to fight the epidemic, and assists accurate measurement, scientific scheduling and reasonable distribution of medical supplies in short supply in Hubei.

According to the design, the platform can help demanders, purchasers, and suppliers to complete the efficient interaction of procurement information and logistics, thereby achieving rapid matching of supply and demand at the front end of the supply chain, which is not only beneficial to the related property assets, inventory, allocation, The effective centralized management of distribution can also realize the visualization of real-time data and ensure that the provincial-level raised materials allocated to various cities and states are distributed in an open and transparent manner as soon as possible.

『Government Management』

Recently, a related news about "Internet + government services" and blockchain technology released by Henan's first national key news website,, revealed that Zhengzhou City will, before the end of June 2020, the Municipal Resource Planning Bureau Responsible for completing the work related to the reform of "government-bank cooperation", using "Internet + government services" and blockchain technology to create "Zheng e Deng", promoting standardization and integration, building system data and information directly connected, financial institutions' credit systems, The house mortgage contract network signing and filing system and the real estate registration system are interconnected and integrated, and business data is shared and interoperable. The mortgage registration link is embedded in the entire link of customer loans. The masses handle the loan business from applying for loans, mortgage registration to lending, and the entire process is seamless. Convergence, loan and mortgage registration fulfill the "one thing" requirement.

『Financial Blockchain

From the information disclosed by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, we know that since the Chinese New Year holiday, the cross-border financial blockchain service platform of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange has completed a total of 171 financing loans on the platform, amounting to more than 200 million U.S. dollars and serving 87 companies. It is reported that the project mainly uses the trusted technical characteristics of the blockchain to solve the problem of difficult and expensive cross-border financing for small and medium-sized enterprises, and comprehensively promote the development of cross-border trade and financial services.

The cross-border blockchain platform belongs to "blockchain + cross-border financial services". It uses the underlying blockchain technology independently developed by the China Bank of China Blockchain Technology Research Institute under the People's Bank of China to establish end-to-end trust between banks and enterprises. Information exchange and effective verification, real-time interaction of inter-bank trade financing information, etc., to realize a variety of information sharing, including fund receipt and payment, pledge vouchers, financing applications, loans, etc., to optimize and reconstruct the financing business process, and facilitate the bank's rapid and accurate processing The review of corporate financing projects and the verification of credit credits have helped to alleviate the difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises in financing and difficulties in bank risk control.

From the article published by the Bank of Jiangsu, Jiangsu Bank to build an upgraded version of "Su Yin Chain 2.0", we learned that "Su Yin Chain 2.0" provides a visual operation and maintenance management and control tool to achieve full-channel, full-node monitoring and early warning on the chain, and support for the new node " "One-click deployment", providing query entry of transaction data, makes the operation and maintenance of "chain" simpler and more convenient to use. In addition, "Su Yin Chain 2.0" realizes the intelligent driving of business processes through smart contracts. By setting transaction rules in the chain code and automatically performing verification steps, it drives the automatic implementation of contract terms.

At the same time, it also provides customized interfaces for more financial business scenarios, allowing users to easily access and quickly get started, making data "on-chain" easier. Not only that, Su Yin Chain 2.0 "also realized that the electronic contract signing process and electronic evidence preservation are on the chain, and the electronic contract data on the" chain "is shared by all nodes, ensuring that the information stored in the certificate cannot be tampered with and security is guaranteed. At the same time, the platform It also saves all the interactive information processes of the user during the contract signing process on the block in a chain structure, which can maximize the restoration of the contract signing process.

『Cross-chain ——“ Wanchain Interconnection ”』

Previously, we learned from the relevant information published by the Ant Blockchain that the blockchain engine independently developed by Ant Financial has achieved "double 1 billion" in technology: through scalable consensus and a two-tier network design, Ant Block The chain can support 1 billion account size, 1 billion daily transaction volume, and achieve 100,000 cross-chain information processing capabilities (PPS) per second.

In 2019, in the construction of the blockchain application scenario of the ant blockchain ecology and the overall industry, a multi-domain and horizontal collaborative network embryonic prototype has formed: there are different peer alliances in the same field Multiple trusted value networks; in cross-domain aspects, trusted AIoT and new cross-domain trust collaboration in finance. At present, many cross-chain cases of ant blockchain have been implemented, such as cross-chain traceability alliances, and supply chain financial applications.

Not only that, the ant blockchain has been making breakthroughs in cross-chain technologies, such as application-friendly features such as the scale of cross-chain networks supporting thousands of interconnects, tens of thousands of cross-chain traffic, millisecond-level delays, etc. The Ant Blockchain introduces components based on trusted computing to solve the different problems caused by heterogeneous chains. At the same time, it combines distributed identities to define a cross-chain governance model, which is expected to build a unified standard cross-chain model.

It can be said that China's blockchain industry has played an active role in the spread of the epidemic, and the epidemic has further forced the development process of the entire industrial blockchain. It is foreseeable that after the epidemic, the blockchain field will be further valued, and all parties will step up research and development of their applications. And with the further development of cross-chain technology, efficient interaction between various industrial chains will also be on the agenda, and this will also make it easier to exchange and share information throughout the society, the value of Internet information transmission, and the more efficient work coordination model. !!

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