Huobi destroys 150 million HT, HT officially enters "absolute deflation"

On February 29, Huobi Global announced an announcement that Huobi would destroy another 150 million HTs. The 150 million HTs permanently destroyed include: (1) 97.423 million HTs in the HT operating part of the unissued part; (2) investments consisting of secondary market repurchase and voting income in the first and second quarters of 2018 Participant protection fund part is 50.075 million HT. Subsequent risk accidents will be borne by the platform risk deposit, which will continue to fully protect the rights and interests of Huobi users. Under the new HT token rules, Huobi no longer issues HT, employee incentives will not flow into the secondary market, and there will be no new circulation to unlock HT. HT has officially entered a new phase of "absolute deflation". After this destruction, Huobi has destroyed nearly 200 million HTs in total, leaving only about 240 million HTs in circulation.