Data: Bitcoin and other crypto assets earn zero in February

According to AMBcrypto news on February 29, according to recent data, after another week of bear market pressure, most of the gains recorded by crypto assets in the first two weeks of February were drained. As of press time, weekly returns on assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP were 9.21%, 12.24%, and 12.51%, respectively. Although some small and medium-sized crypto assets have been able to rise until the third week of February, as of press time, their gains in February were almost zero. In the first two weeks of the currency market rally in January and early February, small crypto assets have surged 45% in total. However, in the past week, the increase has fallen to 3%. On the other hand, both the mid- and large-scale crypto assets suffered losses this month, with negative yields. Since February 14, the total market value of crypto assets has fallen sharply from $ 115.6 billion to $ 79.7 billion, accounting for 31.06% of the total market value. Weiss Crypto's rating data also shows that the model's index has fallen from 3,305.46 to 2,235.65 in the past two weeks.