Early crypto advocate Trace Mayer: Bitcoin price will reach six digits by the end of 2021

Trace Mayer, an early cryptocurrency advocate and host of The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast, has recently elaborated on how Bitcoin can help people deal with fiat currency. He said that Bitcoin gives people the power to hold their own private keys, run their own private nodes, and basically control their own currency: "Money is important, and the way human thinking interacts with it will arouse a lot of strong Emotions, such as fear. Bitcoin is a very powerful tool that allows you to control part of your life. "

Mayer also said: "People don't care about the price of bitcoin. They care about the price of transaction fees. When bitcoin is halved and the saleable supply decreases, I think deflation will begin to occur because it will Penetrate into the market and readjust to a new equilibrium state of Bitcoin circulation. "Mayer said that Bitcoin's goal is to reach a six-figure price by the end of 2021.