Data: Most bitcoin options contracts are bullish, with considerable gains

According to skew markets data, most option contracts traded on the derivatives platforms Deribit and OKEx are bullish (Note: Option trading volume on these two platforms accounts for more than 95%). Whether long-term or short-term, derivatives traders are predicting price increases, not declines. The 73 call options contracts expiring as of this weekend (March 6, 2020) are priced at $ 10,000, which is 17% higher than the price at the time of writing. One week after this contract expires, 152 BTC call options contracts (expiring on March 13, 2020) are priced the same. Calls that expire at the end of March, March 27, 2020, are priced at $ 11,000 and traded at 68.4 BTC. Either way, traders are betting that the price of Bitcoin will rise, and that the increase is not small.

However, investors have no similar bullish sentiment towards Ethereum. ETH is trading at $ 219. In terms of price and liquidity, ETH has experienced a sharp rise, and options traders are not very optimistic. Although all popular trading option contracts expire within the next two to three weeks, the price is not higher than $ 320, which is only 11% higher than the price a few weeks ago.