Last week's bitcoin chain activity has stabilized, and transaction volume has declined

According to Tokenview data, in the past week (02.24-03.01), the fluctuation range of indicators on the Bitcoin chain has continued to narrow, and the on-chain transaction volume has decreased compared to last week. In terms of basic indicators on the chain, the average number of new addresses on the 7th was 399,000, and the average number of active addresses was 739,100; an increase of 1.8% and 0.15% over the previous week. On the 7th, the average value of on-chain transactions was 823,700 BTC, and the average number of on-chain transactions was 330,900; a decrease of 15.57% and an increase of 2.82% from last week. The average of the seven-day computing power of the entire network was 115.17 EH / s, an increase of 2.76% over the previous week.