Analysis: Algorand will issue 50 million ALGO first collateral rewards, or have little impact on token price

According to Algorand's previous announcement, participants in the first phase of Staking rewards must be qualified at least before the height of 5169,000 blocks and complete KYC by February 23. Staking rewards in eligible wallets will be issued starting at 3:30 Singapore Standard Time on March 3. The program is not available to users in the United States, China, Canada, and other countries that are not eligible for rewards. According to calculations, Algorand will unlock 50 million ALGO tokens from the Super Rewards Staking plan, which is equivalent to 9% of ALGO's total circulating supply. According to the Bitcoin Exchange Guide article, ALGO tokens are currently at a loss, but releasing nearly 9% of ALGO's circulating supply will not cause more losses. It is reported that the Algorand Foundation launched the Staking Mortgage Reward Program in 2019 and plans to distribute 200 million ALGO rewards to the entire Algorand community. The Algorand Foundation claims that this 200 million ALGO will not increase the total supply of ALGO.