Blockchain company cancels acquisition of Hundred Years Crown Club Hull City

According to Cointelegraph, SportyCo, an encrypted digital currency crowdfunding platform operated by blockchain technology, has cancelled the acquisition of the century-old British crown club Hull City. It is reported that the reason for the cancellation is higher than the actual market valuation for the purchase price. In addition, Geoff Bielby, chairman of the local trust Hull City SuPPorters Trust (HCST), who had worked with him, said that the previous acquisition was incorrect. HCST was only a supporter rather than a takeover lead, and HCST did not purchase the club with cryptocurrency. plan. Earlier in October 2018, British media said that SportyCo and HCST received some support from British and American investors, preparing to acquire the English Football Champions League club Hull City for £45 million, or $58.9 million, in cryptocurrency.