Options Quotes: OKEx's second-quarter parity call options are down 2.87% from yesterday

According to OKEx options data, the BTCUSD-20200626-9000 call option price was $ 13,16.32, a decrease of 2.87% from yesterday, with an implied volatility of 68.17%; the BTCUSD-20200626-9000 put option price was $ 13,387.77, a 1.31% increase from yesterday, implied The volatility is 68.17%. At present, the ratio of put option volume to call option volume (volume PCR indicator) is 0.54, and the ratio of put option position to call option volume (position size PCR indicator) is maintained at 0.52. According to the comprehensive PCR indicator, at present Investors are more cautious about the market outlook, and the market has stabilized.