The stablecoin market was stable in February, and the USDT market share increased to 83.2%

As of February 29, the total amount of USDT issued was 4.84 billion US dollars, an increase of 80 million US dollars from the previous month, maintaining a steady growth trend. Among them, the total circulation of ERC20-USDT continued to expand, from 2.3 billion US dollars last month to 2.72 billion US dollars, of which 300 million US dollars were switched from the TRON network. The total issuance of emerging stable currencies was US $ 974 million, of which USDC's total issuance was US $ 444 million, accounting for 45.6%, continuing to maintain the first place; PAX's total issuance was US $ 199 million, accounting for 20.4%. The second place; TUSD ranked third, with a total circulation of US $ 142 million, accounting for 14.7%; DAI issued an amount of US $ 73.16 million, ranking fourth. On the whole, the total issuance of the emerging stablecoin market declined slightly from the previous month, while the total issuance of USDT continued to increase, and its market share increased from 83% to 83.2%.